Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops

Kristine Marie Rost is known for touring Denmark to hold yoga workshops
for all types of companies and organizations.

Become stronger both physically and mentally, more flexible and correct your old sports injury. That is the purpose of a yin yoga workshop with Kirstine Maria Rost. On this page you will find all Kirstine’s yin yoga workshops – if there is no event near you, please do not hesitate to contact Kirstine. The website is will be updated with new exciting events so check it out on an ongoing basis.

Whether you are a manager or an ordinary employee, yin yoga can show you the way to understand yourself even better, so you can communicate clearly and efficiently – also under pressure. You increase your opportunities for action and you are stronger in relation to both yourself and others. Do you own a business or work in an organization and would you like to hold your own yoga workshop so your employees become more relaxed and less stressed? Then book an event with Kristine in the contact form below.

With yin yoga you find the strength and the peace to truly feel yourself. You will experience inner peace, more presence, a holistic body and more energy after the exercises. You will be more flexible and at the same time achieve more focus on the essential in your daily life. You will experience a peaceful and relaxing feeling in body and mind, and you will have the opportunity to look inwards for a while and experience harmony and freedom from physical as well as mental stress. Yin yoga gives robustness and energy in your daily life.

All workshops are adjusted according to need and the wanted purpose.