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Yoga Retreats

What is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat can be translated into a journey where the focus is on strengthening body, mind and soul through yoga. A yin yoga retreat is about getting your shoulders down, better hip and ankle movement and letting the everyday stress slip away. If you dont take the body’s signals seriously it may have several effects such as in difficulty sleeping, decreased ability to concentrate, injuries and sickness.

With yin yoga you take hold of the body’s physical patterns of action and change them – you break the bad habits. Kristine is known for putting her retreats together in a way that makes you feel like you’ve been using your body and returning with a significantly lighter breath.

Destinations for yoga retreats

Kristine does yin yoga retreats in Portugal, Sri Lanka, Greece, Morocco and Denmark. It can be for either a weekend or for 1-2 weeks. Typically, a yoga retreat in Denmark lasts a weekend, while a yoga vacation abroad will last one or more weeks. The current dates will always appear on each yoga retreat, which you can learn about on the bottom of the page.

A yoga retreat with yin yoga specialist Kirstine Marie Rost is focused on yin yoga and you are guaranteed to return more relaxed and much less stressed than when you left. A retreat with Kirstine is always held to a minimal size so she has time to help all participants with positions and improvements to life and the body.

Who can bring?

Yin yoga is an excellent form of exercise for all adults, regardless of age and physique can join. All positions are seated or lying down and typically last between 3-5 minutes.

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