About Yin Yoga

The idea behind yin yang stems from Chinese Taoism

While yang represents the masculine, change, movement and activity, yin represents to a larger extent the feminine, stable and fundamental. Yin yoga is characterized by static, which also is evident in the way yin yoga is carried out.

Yin yoga is a form of yoga with focus on relaxation, giving in and increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue, thus breaking down blockages in your body and strengthening your tendons and joints. The poses in yoga measure the temperature of the body, and for some this can be a shock. If you have a headache, neck pain or other challenges through the body, you will also be met by this in yin yoga. All these problems happen where there is no flow in the nervous system.

With yoga you awake your natural Yinpower – the natural energy every living organism has. The power that ensures that blood, tissue, cells, marrow, cartilage and bone mass can regenerate themselves throughout life. Vitality that exists in a healthy body, where each organ contributes to ensure the three vital yin instruments like the body’s natural digestion, cleansing and sleep. If these three qualities do not function, we risk that the body’s natural defense energy cannot be maintained and protect the body against outer factors that cause sickness. If you engage in yoga regularly, your true Yinpower will increase the body’s natural need for peace. When you are filled with peace, your energy grows both physically and mentally.

Yin yoga is for everyone

All poses are mainly sitting and lying, and the teacher assists with equipment, where they find it necessary. You are in the positions 2-3-5-7 minutes, while you are guided in completely natural breathing, which you can take with you and implement in your daily life in the car, on the bicycle and on the couch. Yin yoga is easy and simple for people who are lazy, weak, sick and hit with stress, but definitely also demanding and energetic for people who are fit.

Grown-ups regardless of age, sex, fitness, condition or various problems can participate.

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