Yin yoga Immersion 2020

One of the fundamental reasons why we do yoga is to help us avoid any potential of developing a terminal disease. According to Chinese Medicine, the strength of the body lies in the organs (mainly Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys). Hence, in order to strengthen the body, we need develop life-force in our organs, and this goes philosophy goes beyond just building muscles and bones. Chinese called this invisible”Life-force” ; Qi (氣).

In this workshop, we will discuss how:

✔Chinese Medicine views the body,
✔Theory of the Five Transformations (五行)
✔ Principles of Yin Yoga.

Who is this workshop for?
This is a general workshop suitable to all beginners of yoga.

We will also be going through a general Yin Yoga sequence and finish with the Taoist Six Healing Sounds in preparation for Meditation.

Join us to find out more about optimising your health.

Some of the Highlight Poses (not a complete list):
1. Needle
2. Tortoise
3. Wide Knee Child
4. Frog
5. Basic Squat
6. Horse Squat
7. Warrior Squat
8. Buddha Rest
9. Bridge
10. Square


Yin Yoga is a form of yoga based on ancient Chinese Yin-Yang Theory, Chinese Medicine, Qi-gong and Tai-ji. The poses aims to enhance the opening of the joints and circulation of blood downwards towards the pelvis and down to the feet. The downward movement ensures healthy functions of our digestion, detoxification and sleep.

You may just sign-up for single day.

If you are doing this to qualify for teacher training, you need to sign-up in full without missing on the timing or any part of thr course. We will qualify anyone who have to leave early or missing any hour of the course. Prepare your body and mind for a summer full of joy by learning how to optimise your health with an energy-based movement practice, especially when combined with a powerful plant-based diet.

If you are keen to know more, join us in this immersion.


Victor first encountered yoga while working and found it a good way of relieving stress. He decided to deepen his yoga practice by exploring Chinese Mahayana Buddhism under a Yogacara master.

Finding that he enjoyed yoga, Victor consulted a yoga guru to deepen his knowledge of yoga through teaching training courses and workshops. Victor devoted four years between 2000-2004 to study various styles of yoga. He also went to India to meet students of Krishnamarchya in Chennai to study yoga philosophy and classical vinyasa.

The turning point in Victor’s yoga practice was when he met Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin Yoga, at an Anatomy for Yoga class in 2002. Intrigued by the practice of Yin Yoga, Victor began teaching Yin Yoga in 2006. He went to further deepen his study at residential training programs in San Francisco in 2007 and 2009 and committed to teach Yin Yoga around the world.

His teaching today is inspired by ancient Chinese philosophies such as The Yellow Emperor Sutra, I-Chng and Lao-Tzu and is a fusion of classical Indian dance, Taiji, Chi-gung and martial arts. By stimulating the meridian energy lines in the body, this fusion of movements go beyond the muscular-skeletal level to cultivate energy instead of depleting the body.

Victor’s teaching adheres to the three foundational principles of Yin Yoga
(1) Grounding
(2) Holding
(3) Relaxation


Dates: 19-23 april  2020, 9-14 o’clock every day


  • 1 day 850 dkr
  • 5 day 3350 dkr


  • Bring your own mat, 2 yogablocks, blanket/towel
  • 3 minutes walk from Amagerbro Metro Station


  • YMCA Amager
    Oliebaldsgade 7, 3. sal2300 Kbh S