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Would you like to try one of Kristine’s online yoga classes? At Yogavivo you can get a 30-day trial where you find Kristine’s yoga lessons online. Kristine Marie Rost is one of Denmark’s leading yin yoga specialists and she has more than 2000 hours of yoga training behind her.

Many people feel that it is difficult to find time for regular classes during the week, and they have a guilty conscience for not being able to give more priority to exercise, meditation and healthy habits. Yin yoga is for the active person, who wants to prevent and heal injuries or for people, who would like to create room for movement and for energy to live. With the online yoga classes, you get access to various yoga positions anywhere, anytime and thus completely customize your yoga practice to your calendar and experience the peace and energy it will give you.

With online yoga you can engage in yin yoga whenever it suits you – whether you are in the summer cottage, on business trips or at home in your living room. When you have signed up, you will get a password that gives you access to a number of online-videos with Kristine Marie Rost. This means that you can take advantage of Kristine’s vast experience and guidance, no matter where you are. You can also see physical workshops here. The great thing about online videos practice is that you can find the exercises at your convenience and do it over and over again.

Create your own playlists

In Kristine’s online yin yoga lessons, there are both sitting and lying exercises in 3-5 minutes. If you become particularly happy with one of Kristine’s yoga exercises, you can save it to your own personal playlist so you can find the exercise easily again.

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled yoga practitioner, you can use Kristine’s yoga practice. Click the button below to read more about online yoga.

(Please note: only available in Danish at this time…)