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Yoga Games // Copenhagen

GET 15% off when buying your ticket using code kristine


Yoga Games // Copenhagen

GET 15% off when buying your ticket using code kristine


Copenhagen 20.-22. march 2020

In Denmark they call her the Queen of Yin Yoga. And for a good reason! Kristine Marie Rost has done more than 1,000 hours of Yin Yoga and Yin therapy training. She has been working with therapists and doctors educated in Western and Chinese medicine. And she has taught over 4500 Yin Yoga classes and is now training teachers herself as well as assisting her Asian mentor, Victor Chng, at his Yin Yoga teacher trainings in Singapore and Denmark. Kristine is Ms. Yin, and she is here to help the rest of us get our dose of Yin to our Yang, too.

Kristine has experienced firsthand knowledge of how Yin Yoga helps you handle the ups and downs that life has to offer you. How it enables you to just be yourself and live life without the burdens of old feelings and sentiments. And how it strengthens your ability to find the beauty of life, even on rainy days. This is the main reason for her Yin passion, and the reason why she is so eager to spread the word and feeling of Yin Yoga.

Kristine is known for her caring and radiant personality, her laughter, profound knowledge and her ability to gently challenge you to try the important little bits that make all the difference. Yin Yoga with Kristine is not a restorative class. It is a quiet practice that will ground and relax you, yet it is powerful and demanding at the same time. During it all, you will feel safe under her competent guidance. And whether you are new to Yin or an experienced yogi, you will feel the effect of body and mind after a Yin session with Kristine.

Kristine’s professional background as a YY instructor is a.o.:

Specialist in Yin Yoga therapy with more than 1500 hrs. of training in pure Yin Yoga (by mainly Victor Chng, storytelling level 3 with Biff Mihoefter and a few workshops with Sarah Powers)

3 times White Tiger Qigong Teacher training with Tevia Feng

Prevention and healing of sports injuries

500 yogatherapy (YAL), Yoga as Medicine by Dr. T.McCrall, Certified in Restorative Yoga, Senior Yoga and Yoga for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, 100 hrs. (YAL)

Certified in energetic responsibility

NLP certified, masterclass in industrial psychology and integration consultant

Studies TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), Taoism and life



10:30 : When East meets West (Spisehuset)

Experience how Yin yoga in the East and West is joined when Denmark’s pioneer of Yin yoga Kristine Marie Rost relates how traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with a history of up to 4,000+ years makes it the oldest medical system, which today is mirrored in the Yin yoga that the many competent teachers practice around the world. There are several theories on how and why TCM works. Some researchers try to explain this relationship based on a western medical understanding of the body. Kristine will explain how Yin yang and TCM can be joined and why there is a difference in Yin yoga styles today, without one or the other being wrong. And yes of course there will be a practise included, as Kristine’s conviction equals more practice than talk and silence is gold, she says with her contagious laughter.


08:00 : When Yin yoga cultivates your virtues (Spisehuset)

How is it when Yin meets yoga. India meets China and vice versa. And Kristine, a modern Danish woman of the West meets the old traditions of the East, and she attempts to combine a wish for sharing the healing of Yin yoga with the world around her and survive 2020 outside a convent. You get a taste of all that when Kristine guides you in a sequence that cultivates and refines one’s self by creating space, excess energy and something as deep as your true virtues. Learn more on how the 5 basic values of Yin yoga from the time of The Tao, the Confucius and today based on Qigong and Yin yang. As for instance kindness, honesty and integrity, in Kristine’s practice is Yinpower to your yang balance. And basically, do not differ from the 5 yamas, which for thousands of years have been the guidelines for yogis.

17:30 : Reciprocity care (Spisehuset)

Allow your practise to be a time out. This is your time. Time in the now where strength is gained to be who you are, where you are and who you are with.  Timing is critical, they say in the Tao so your yin practise be your time.

Price from 95 Euro

GET 15% off when buying your ticket using code kristine