Kristine Marie Rost

“Calm is a super power”

After some time in administration and attempts at changing ’we used to do it’ in the military to a position as HR consultant in one of the largest engineering companies in Denmark and then project manager in the tourist industry of western Jutland, Kristine ended up spending almost two years in the Philippines, at which time she seriously went deep into yin yoga. With far more than 2,000 hours of education, out of these 1,400 within yin yoga and seven years of teaching experience, today Kristine is one of the country’s leading specialists in yin yoga.

Kristine Marie Rost presents the vital qualities of yin yoga with humor and great experience. A zest for life and a caring personality with a natural ability to make people feel good, are characteristics of Kristine and her way as yin yoga teacher and as a person.

Kristine has taught in several well-known centers in Copenhagen and is known for travelling around the country and holding various types of yin yoga events for several hundred students. Kristine represented yin yoga for the 6th year in a row at the annual Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2018, and she is also a teacher when DGI holds large inspirational conventions for hundreds of instructors. At Yinpower you will also find Kristine’s exclusive yoga retreats and workshops.

Kristine Marie Rost yoga specialist